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The Safe, Sustainable and Delicious Way To Enjoy Eco Coffee Mug!

It doesn’t matter whether you consume organic coffee or otherwise. The best thing about any coffee(s) is its ability to provide an instant cup of creamy joe that’s

whenver, wherever you like to have it – at the office, at home or on the go!

eco coffee mug

eco coffee mug


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Cheap and healthy choice with minimum waste – Careful about using organic coffee. Buying smart organic coffee is not only fashionable it helps the environment.

This year, I have had the chance to try out my eco coffee mug, a product conceived by a local coffee shop in southeast Asia called Co.Loo (pronounced ‘or’). It is safe, it is sustainable and it supports the local economy. Taste as good as green tea but you don’t need boiling water to make this cup of coffee ☺

I will let you know in details about, from now on we will refer it with this shortened name (Co.) instead of leadingcompanynameandcommondomain(“company”). This launched its flagship new business unit: black teas with active-nature elements such as caffeine & herbal components instead of black tea. According to the research paper published on their website [2] , Co.te




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