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450ml New Eco Friendly Double Wall 316 Titanium Stainless Steel Thermos Vacuum Bottle With Tea Strainer

Titanium is recognized as a non-toxic element in the world. Acid and alkali resistant. Anti-corrosion. Does not rust. Not easy to breed bacteria. Good stability. It does not react chemically with coffee, tea, milk, juice, etc., and can really hold any drink. An oxide film on the surface of titanium that slows down the growth rate of bacteria. Make the ingredients fresher and double the preservation time. Easy to clean. No residue. Extra Strong & Ultra Lightweight, suitable for Hiking / Backpack.


1. Made of BPA Free 316 Titanium steel inside, 304 outside and food grade PP material, nontoxic and odorless.
2. Low density, light weight, high strength, high hardness, heat resistance and non-magneticity. It is a healthy antibacterial agent and has good biocompatibility with human body.Tasteless, odorless, does not rust, non-allergenic.
3. Stylished design, fit for business people, teachers, elders, friends and families who have sense of punctuality, pursue success and life quality as well excellence.
4. Leak-proof lid with tea strainer.
5. Packed with high quality delicate EVA box, fit for backpack, handbag or any outside activities.
6. Airless vacuum technology, keep hot for more than 12 hours, keep cold for about 4-6 hours, with ice cubes will keep cold longer.
7. Customized logo, color and package are welcome.

Use And Care:
1.Use the hot water about 80℃ for flushing before using, there will be air pressure when shaking, so as to avoid bad conditions, do not tighten the lid and shake it when flushing.
2. Handwash only.
3. Acid and alkali drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, juick, etc will be fine with it.
4. Microwave fridge are not allowed.
5. Do not approach the fire source, stove.

Additional information

Item No.



316 Titanium stainless steel+304 stainless steel+PP


450ml 67*194mm


blue, green, black, red




kraft box




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